Born June 16, 2011: 4 orange and white males, 4 liver and white female. Everyone has gone to their new homes, bittersweet... The best 8 weeks ever. Lots of work but lots of growing and becoming little doggies. Please don’t forget to send updates and if your on the island let me know maybe we can get another few shots!
Nemo Nov 15,2011
Pebbles (Nov 2011)
Nemo 3 Months
W10 - Nemo
W10 - Nemo
W9 - Nemo and Stella
(aka Polka)
W9 - Ralph Wiggum on his way to Calgary
W9 - Louise and her new family
W9 - Nemo and Stella
W9 - Minkus’s Family a whole lotta brittanys
W8 - Minkus
W8 - Quinn with new sibling
W8- Quinn with new sibling
W8 - Odie and his new family
Pebbles and her new family
Pebbles (sammy)
W8 - last time eating together.
W8 - last time all together
W7- Louise
W7- Minkus
W7 - Nemo
W7- Odie
W7 - Polka
W7- Polka
W7- Quinn
W7- Quinn
W7- Ralph Wiggum
W7- Sammy
W6 - Louise:
Confident and  Energetic
W6- Minkus:
The Cuddly Explorer
W6- Nemo:
The Confident Leader
W6- Odie:
Independent, and Peaceful
W6- Dottie:
Fearless and Quiet
W6- Quinn:
Self-Assured Explorer
W6- Ralph:
Peaceful and Snuggly
W6 - Sammy
The Energetic Cuddler
Puppy Transport. A boxed set.
W5 -Polka and Louise
Falling Asleep.
Waiting for Dinner
Tired Puppies
Outside in the X-Pen
W5 - Sammy
W5 - Ralph Wiggum
Ralph W.
W5 - Quinn
W5 - Polka Dot
W5 - Odie
W5 - Nemo
W5 - Minkus
W5 - Louise
W5 - Louse
W4- Louise
W4- Minkus
W4- Nemo
W4- Odie
W4- Polka Dot
W4- Quinn
W4- Ralph Wiggum
W4- Sammy
July 4th First day outside.
W2 - “L” Louise
W2- “M”
W2 - “N” Nemo
W2 - “O” Odie
W2 - “P” Polka Dot
W2 - “Q” Quinn
W2 - “R” Ralph Wiggim
W2 - “S”
1 Week old :-D
Tongue Sticking Out.
“L” girl
“M” boy
“P” Girl
“Q” girl
“R” boy littlest.
“S” girl the surprise.
Puppy Tipped!
Maddy and the kids in the whelping box.
Nursing Day 2
Group Shot
“L” could fit in my hand
Biggest Girl “L”
Nursing Day 1
Babies Nursing
Twin Boys Born :-)
The first out. Big liver girl.
Maddy last days before she gave birth.
Litter #2
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