I’ve had published shots in Dog fancy and have done 5 years of schooling for photography. Weddings, Portraits and Pets are my main subjects,  but I love to be part of the scenery and catch that special moment.
*Spring / Summer 2013 Packages Available*
Engagement  Package includes.- 30- 60 mins camera time, 20-25 digital proofs 10- Digital Copies of Photos $180.00
Wedding Package includes.- 4-6 hours camera time, 60-80 digital proofs 40- Digital Copies of Photos $600.00
Pet Package 1 includes.- 30- 40 mins camera time, 10-15 digital proofs 4- Digital Copies of Photos $80.00
Pet Package 2 includes.- 40- 60 mins camera time, 20-30 digital proofs 8- Digital Copies of Photos $190.00
Family Photo Shoots
Family Photo Shoots
Family Photo Shoots
Miranda & Chris Engagement Shoot
Precious Moments
Heather and Justin Wedding
Epic Family Photos
First Kiss
heather and justin-7684.jpg
Jessica Photoshoot
Ring Bearer
Keiran Photoshoot
Just Married.
Flower Girls
Fergie Photoshoot
Sage Photoshoot
Judy and Tony
Lucy Photoshoot
Tyee 2011
Xanthe Photoshoot
VIPDC Photoshoot
Belle Photoshoot
VIPDC Nanoose Photoshoot
Snow Photoshoot
Orange Smaks Crush Photoshoot
Lexi Photoshoot
Baby Belle Photoshoot
Divit Photoshoot
Mill Bay 2011 Photoshoot
Scarlett Photoshoot
Angus Photoshoot
Flamingo Photoshoot
Russ Photoshoot
Sam Photoshoot
Engagement Photoshoot
Scarlett Photoshoot
Jessica and Medea Photoshoot
Black and White with Splash of Color  Photoshoot
Jessica Photoshoot
Pointing Club Photoshoot
Aldo Photoshoot
Pointing Club Photoshoot
Brittany Photoshoot
Brett and Family Photoshoot
Brittany and Sam Photoshoot
VIPDC Photoshoot
Bellagio Photoshoot
Maddy and Willy Photoshoot
Photography ~ Weddings, Portraits, and Pets
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